Script Editor problem

dunbarx dunbarx at
Sat Dec 9 14:13:21 EST 2017

Actually tested, and though I can access the "revDebuggerLibrary" stack, I
cannot do much with it. I can get its properties, but cannot change them,
and if I do something like, as you might need:

get the loc of stack "revDebuggerLibrary"
set the loc of stack "revDebuggerLibrary" to item 1 of it & "," & item 2 of
it +50

Nothing happens. And if I get the loc, say, of that stack, and then move it
around, and then get the loc again, I get the old result.

I recently found an errant pulldown button right on my script editor. I was
able to delete it, copy it to another stack, whatever. So "normal"
operations work on that stack, sort of. 

You need someone better at manipulating IDE gadgetry than me.


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