can´t save Standalone

Hillen Richard mail at
Sat Dec 9 12:10:14 EST 2017


There is - in splash screen method - a very simple stack Main with a substack Data, used since 2007.
Stack Main opens stack Data. In stack Data there is a button "Save" with script 

"save this stack
if the result is not empty then answer the result"

Using this proved datastack-method in the development environment, it´s ok;
But after making a new standalone with "substacks moved in separate stackfiles" if I press the Save-button in stack Data I get "can´t open stack backup file".

So I cant´t save changed data.

I have built the stack from button up again with the actual LC-Version, but same Error.
Is there any help outside?

Thank you for your helpful hints ,

(macOS 10.13.2, Livecode 8.1.8 Community Edition)

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