Goofy font change question

Mark Waddingham mark at
Sat Dec 9 03:37:23 EST 2017

On 2017-12-09 09:33, Richmond Mathewson via use-livecode wrote:
> Can anyone tell me why this is not working?
> on menuPick PHONT
>    switch PHONT
>       set the unicodeText of fld "fff" to PHONT
>    end switch
> end menuPick
> on mouseDown
>    get the fontNames
>    sort lines of it
>    put it into btn "OM"
>    set the label of me to "FONTS"
> end mouseDown

Without more context its hard to say - but you are using a switch 
without any cases - which I don't think works.

Also, unless PHONT is UTF-16 data, then you should be using text, and 
not unicodeText.

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