Copying text in boxes to clipboard

hh hh at
Fri Dec 8 06:46:54 EST 2017

There is no way to do that with the *LC 6* clipboard.
But, assuming you are on Mac, you could ...

... (1) 'code' the fields into a html table (no need to display that
in LC). This is not too hard when using merge.

... (2) Then write that to a temporary html file
put myHTMLCode into url("file:///Users/admin/Desktop/tmp.html")

... (3) Then
get shell("textutil -convert doc /Users/admin/Desktop/tmp.html).

This generates a correct Word-file tmp.doc in the same folder.
This file can be read in by Word or Pages or even TextEdit.

(1)-(3) could go into one 'export to doc' script = one click.

[TextEdit can also open directly the HTML file and then you could
save as word document (use cmd+opt+shift S). With the same result,
TextEdit uses internally textutil for that.]

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