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Dan Friedman dan at
Thu Dec 7 17:20:45 EST 2017


No, I didn’t try that!   But, I have now and it didn’t resolve the problem.  Exact same result.


Hi Dan,

> Am 07.12.2017 um 22:38 schrieb Dan Friedman via use-livecode <use-livecode at<>>:
> Hello!
> I have some formatted text in a field.  If I print it on a Mac, it’s perfect.  If I print it on a windows computer (Win 7 or 10), I get VERY strange results.  I have tried multiple computers with multiple printers.  All with the same results.   I get these large black bars.  And on some printers half the entire page is black!   Any thoughts or experiences with this?
> ...
> Anyone with some thoughts?
> Thank you in advance,
> -Dan

did you:
set the formatForPrinting of stack "xyz" to TRUE
## where "xyz" is of course the stack with the card you want to print
before printing?

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