LC Server style survey: co-mingle code w/HTML?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Dec 7 13:52:29 EST 2017

Thanks for chiming in, Mark.  The background your provide is always helpful.

Mark Waddingham wrote:

 > Also, the server-specific syntax isn't present in the IDE engine which
 > also poses a difficulty.

Would it be possible/practical to extend the merge function to at least 
allow things like control structures with non-LC stuff in between them?

E.g., from my earlier post:


The implicit merge LC Server uses is more complete than the
explicitly-called merge function.  For example, the merge function
doesn't handle conditionals cross non-code parts, e.g.:

    <?lc if a = b then ?>
       <p>Some data that happens to be HTML</p>
    <?lc else ?>
       <p>Some other data that happens to be HTML</p>
    <?lc end if ?>

That'll work in LC Server, but AFAIK is incompatible with LC Script on
the desktop.

 > P.S. If you restrict what can be done in the LC server scripts in your
 > emulated environment then it becomes easier - but whether that is
 > useful or not depends on what the tooling you have does, and how you
 > would like it to be able to interoperate with server.

That's essentially the core of this thread, to try to get a feel for how 
many people work in ways that might lend themselves to that.  It seems 
not many.

No worries for me, as I use standalones for CGI work.  I was just 
feeling a bit selfish keeping this streamlined workflow to myself, but 
given the engine differences and the embracing of LC Server's way of 
doing things among those who use it, it seems very few if any other 
folks would fine a standalone-centric way of doing CGIs worth adopting.

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