LC Server style survey: co-mingle code w/HTML?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Dec 7 11:25:44 EST 2017

Bob Hall wrote:

 > I’m very interested in your tools and suspect there is great value in
 > what you’ve created.

I appreciate the interest, but it doesn't seem using these tools would 
be possible for most folks.

Being able to run client and server code in the IDE would require using 
methods that are compatible with LC Script on the desktop.  Since we 
have no way of parsing/executing LC Server code in the desktop, and too 
many people rely on the code-embedded-in-HTML way, my tools are of no 
use to them.

For the first dozen years of this engine, CGIs used the same engine as 
everything else.  Since LC Server premiered, most devs now have a 
workflow that is incompatible with the desktop engine.

I've been using standalones for CGIs for many years, and while I know a 
few others who do this, there aren't many.

I recently came across a project which uses LC Server but only to launch 
script libraries, so effectively it's 99% compatible with LC Script, 
using only a couple lines of LC Server to launch the libraries.  This 
got me wondering how many others do things like that, as opposed to 
relying on features specific to LC Server throughout their app which 
have no means of executing in the IDE.

At this point, it seems most people are using LC Server in ways that are 
not compatible with the desktop engine.  I have nothing that can help 
with that.

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