What a datagrid "sees"

Bob Sneidar bobsneidar at iotecdigital.com
Wed Dec 6 16:12:36 EST 2017

Hi all. I have a mouseEnter handler in a table datagrid which is supposed to get the mouseControl. When I point at one of the populated table fields I trigger the mouseEnter, but then nothing else. I can point at another field and this time it might work. Or not. I am not sure why that is happening. It's as though the mouseControl is not getting updated properly. Here is the handler: 

on mouseEnter
   put "saw mouseEnter"

   -- lock messages
   wait 1 second
   -- unlock messages

   put the mouseControl into tMouseControl

   put space & tMouseControl after msg
   put word 2 of tMouseControl into tControlNum
   if tControlNum is not a number then exit mouseEnter
   put the name of control tControlNum into tControlName

   put space & tControlName after msg

   if word 1 of tControlName is not "field" then exit mouseEnter
   put the long id of me into tMyID
   put wordOffset("card", tMyID) into tFirstWord
   put word tFirstWord to -1 of tMyID into tThisCard
   put the long id of control tControlNum of tThisCard into tTarget
   put "servicetype,techname,problemdescription,servicedate,starttime,endtime,partstotal,labortotal" into tKeyList
   dgToolTip tTarget, tKeyList
end mouseEnter

I always get "saw mouseEnter" but often times nothing else. Any idea why the mouseControl would not ALWAYS be the object being pointed to? 

Bob S

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