libUrl tsNet and socketTimeoutInterval

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Tue Dec 5 15:41:30 EST 2017

Finding answers faster than expected. Spotify seems to want minimum 96kbps. If we use this for our own app/mp3's delivered by CloudFlare -- God only knows it that makes any sense at all… but we have to start somewhere…

Now, I'm not super savvy on these units but I think this means  96 X 125 (bytes) = 12000 bytes

OK, now going over to the forum on this dropbox thread I see Jacque's and Charle's comments. 5 secs seems a little long.. so if we use the algorithm "We want to tell users what is up or dim content options from remote servers in 3 seconds"  (and FTP is not in the cards) we get: 

tsNetSetTimeouts 60, 3000, 3000 , , 3, 12000

This translates "you must have a 96kbps connection or else…"  right?

FYI the dictionary does not declare units for the pLowSpeedTime, it should… I've assumed integers = seconds and not milliseconds for param 5.

Second  (dumb) question: how do we trap for the timeout? we keep checking the tsNetStatusCallback on a loop? and if and when we see timeout we inform the user? But we need a connectionID, so how do we extract a connectionID from put/get/set/ http urls? where we are targeting  browser widget on a card. Or a mobilePlayer?

set the url of browser "webViews" to" 

or a connection ID for this:

   mobileControlSet pPlayerName, "filename", pURL  


FWIW some useful links

and interesting tool: push this URL to a browser widget in your mobile app.

and walk around different locations and check your bandwidth…

someone might cook up a native LC widget for this purpose.



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    So I guess this boils down to one question: 
    If you are streaming audio or video.. .what would be the reasonable bytes per second you would want to "see" as current bandwidth before telling the users that their connection is too slow.
    All thoughts on this welcome, as I go off to the net to find bandwidth standards… But maybe someone here already knows the answers/has experience? And of course, I can just build it and test (which we will do anyway)

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