Naive Player Questions

Graham Samuel livfoss at
Mon Dec 4 17:47:52 EST 2017

Hi - perhaps due to not picking the right search terms in the documentation, I am confused about playing audio files in LC 8. What I want seems quite simple to me: I want the user to click a button which will cause a single MP3 file to play. While it plays I may or may not want to switch cards or use visual effects. When it stops, I want to take back control and move the program onto something else.

It appears that I have to use a player object to play MP3s, since the “play” comment will only play aiffs. OK, so I can create a player object, but I want to embed my MP3 file into it (since I have no need to play more than one file), I want to start it, and I want the option to do stuff while it’s playing, and I certainly want to do stuff when it stops.

The documentation is not good on this - there is no indication as to whether you can embed files (if you can’t, what would the path to a file included in the program look like - I can only see paths referring to files in my development environment)? There is one reference in Beginner’s Guide to a “play stopped” message, but there isn’t one in the User Guide. My old friend “wait until the sound is done” seems to have died of old age. How do I know when the sound is finished, or alternatively how can I know if it’s still playing?

Can anyone explain what I’m supposed to do, or (just as good) point me to the right bit of LC documentation?



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