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FWIW in this discussion: Digital Pome Granate has published on GitHub a LC
to WordPress 2.0 API layer, see, so you have
already the option to develop the structure of a website in WordPress using
their CMS capabilities (theme, menu, users, rights, boilerplate etc) and
develop the native desktop client in LiveCode to 'fill' the WordPress
database via an user friendly and powerful GUI app, developed in LiveCode
running on top of Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. No browser
needed and fast using sockets.

Further in The Netherlands students have developed a Bootstrap 4 WYSIWYG Web
Editor called Mobirise: which can be a starting point
to put on top a LiveCode desktop client for CMS if you want full control
over HTML5/CSS3.

Just my two cents.

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Taking a tangential line of thought in this thread, I think there is value
in exploring "more focused" or "less flexible" solutions than complete CMSs
to gauge the feasibility of a CMS project. Specially if it is something like
David said that leverages the Desktop value of LC while spewing out static
files. A simple landing page creation tool could fit the bill. There is a
lot of need for landing pages, they all look the same in terms of features
(and visuals unfortunately), and should be doable with less work than a full

Building such small tools would enable our community to understand the web
better and how to bridge our both worlds of LC and Web. So far, most of our
web efforts have been "PHP-inspired", as in our server engine behaves like
PHP and our frameworks look and feel like PHP frameworks. RevIgniter and my
old RevSpark, are basically PHP frameworks in a different language but PHP
is not on the bleeding edge of web development anymore. There are many other
ways of doing web work that are closed to us and who knows what will be
possible five years from now.

Any tool built today, in any language, with aspirations to be webby should
be generating a PWA. Generating a simple barebones progressive web app (this
is not your old progressive enhancement) boilerplate is quite easy.
The new features such as WASM (which is implemented in all major browsers
already), Service/Shared/Web Workers, and all the other APIs from the web
platform are all awesome but working with them require a a not so quick
learning curve. LC could help create flexible tools that generate code, and
I am talking beyond the current HTML5 deployment (which I don't own a
license and can't play with), I am talking about using the power of our long
living IDE and language to invent our own tools. I believe that LC is great
for writing tools and time is best spent writing tools than products (unless
the tool is the product).

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> I don't see much value in building a CMS or CMS front end. There is 
> value in a CMS, but not I'd saying in making another CMS. Build on 
> revIgniter as Dave says?
> On 3 December 2017 at 12:57, Dave Kilroy via use-livecode < 
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> > Hi Alex
> >
> > My instinct would be to build on revIgniter rather than start 
> > another (possibly competing) project - I would be much more likely 
> > to contribute
> to
> > an enriched revIgniter than to two disjointed projects
> >
> Rather than replicating a tradition CMS, I would see taking an 
> "opinionated" approach to the software design.  Build on the strengths 
> and uniqueness of Livecode, and modern concepts such as continuous
> revIgniter as it stands can be part of an authoring platform, but the 
> published output should be a modern static site, using the curated 
> best of componentised and responsive HTML5 design. revIgniter in that 
> context becomes part of the authoring environment, but not the 
> deployment environment. Would love to work with people on this.
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