ColorChooser for LC 6/7/8/9 on MacOS 10.13

hh hh at
Mon Dec 4 12:39:39 EST 2017

Recently, there were several neat stacks on "Sample Stacks" that use
LC 8/9 (a newer stackfileversion) and would be also useful on LC 6/7.

The main reason for that, if not using widgets, was probably that on
MacOS 10.13, using LC 6/7, closing the colorChooser ("answer color")
**CRASHES** LiveCode immediately.

This bug will never be removed for LC 6/7. It has been removed for the
latest LC 8/9 versions.

So, in order to use your own LC 6/7 stacks on MacOS 10.13, you need an
**own color chooser** dialog.

I made a simple version, that switches on a LiveCode version > 7 to the
usual color dialog (use latest version of LC 8 or LC 9 which has removed
the crashing bug). [And it is also usable for HTML5 standalones (use only
the LC 6/7 chooser there).]

See "Sample Stacks/ColorChooser6789" or

For example,
I converted the new "scrollbarOmatic" stack by Roger Guay to LC 6/7 with a
single conversion script. Now they run fine on MacOS 10.13 on LC 6/7/8/9
(and on Raspi LC 6.5.1/7.0.4, which also need stackfileversion 5.5).

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