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Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Tue Aug 29 05:52:13 EDT 2017

Summer is nearing its end and schools are starting again. That seems a 
good moment to ask your attention for the book Programming LiveCode for 
the Real Beginner. I wrote this book in 2012-2013 and have sold numerous 
copies over the past 5 years --for which a big thank-you to the LiveCode 
community. Eventually, I decided to print a really huge pile, so it 
would never be out of stock and we'd be able to deliver immediately 
(depending on postal services and customs).

The fourth print of Programming LiveCode for the Real Beginner has been 
updated to include a number of new XML commands, which were introduced 
after the first release of the book. I have also added a few remarks 
about LiveCode 7 to the chapter on Unicode. Since the book deals with 
the basics of the LiveCode scripting language, which everybody needs to 
know, it continues to be very relevant, no matter which version of 
LiveCode you're using.

Only the paragraphs about the properties inspector need to be updated to 
reflect the changes in LC 9, but these paragraphs deal with the 
interface rather than scripting. There is no plan to rewrite the book, 
but I might eventually delete those paragraphs altogether if we ever get 
to producing a fifth print run.

Here is some information that you may want to know about the book:
- the book is not available as an e-book and it won't be, please don't 
ask for it;
- there are no plans to rewrite the book;
- we ship the book everywhere in the world, if we can physically get 
there (deliveries to Antarctica will take a while though) and shipping 
costs are included in the price;
- book shops and educational institutes and anyone ordering at least 10 
copies may contact us for a discount;
- after you purchase the book, we will ask you to confirm your postal 
- if you don't get an e-mail after you purchase the book, contact us and 
use a different e-mail address if you have tried to contact us before;
- you can win a free copy of the book (perhaps to give away to a friend) 
by liking the Facebook page 
(but make sure to keep an eye on the page);
- please fill out our survey at regardless of whether 
you have purchased/are planning to purchase the book;
- if you have any more questions, please contact support [a t]

You can order the book at and more info 
is available at

Kind regards,

Mark Schonewille

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