Bad Crash on Attempt to Group Radio Buttons

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Aug 28 10:53:05 EDT 2017

Randy Hengst wrote:

 > I would find it very handy if when the cantSelect is true, you could
 > still drag to select objects that are above the control with
 > cantSelect true…
 > In other words, the ability to select the other controls with click
 > and drag when the initial click is within the rect of the control
 > (usually a grc for me) that has cantSelect set to true.
 > It certainly is possible to select the controls above the control with
 > cantSelect true… but only if the initial click is outside that rect.
 > I hope all of that makes sense.

I does, and indeed it would be nice to have.

But since the property that more accurately behaves as AlwaysBrowseMode 
is currently called "cantSelection", what might we name a property that 
was limited to non-selection without invoking a tool mode different than 
the current otherwise-global pointer tool?

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