Bad Crash on Attempt to Group Radio Buttons

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Sun Aug 27 14:09:58 EDT 2017

JQ wrote

    CantSelect disallows selection by the edit tool, mostly used in 
    development, but doesn't change the message path.

Hmm.. doesn't this comprise a Noobie Gotcha?

cantSelect is not exposed in the PI for any object.

if it was, then toggling this in the ABrowser would trigger the checkbox on and off and you would get it'

"Oh selectable it toggling the cantSelect" property.

I don't think that prop is exposed at all in the new Project Browser and

"worse" the PB allowed me to double click on the list and it *did* select the object that had "cantSelect" = "true"

@monte perhaps this is the crux of the crash: PB  allows selection of an object with cantSelect set to true?


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