Search Values of Array in "One Go"

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Aug 26 13:02:19 EDT 2017

Alex Tweedly wrote:

 > I think regex (or multiple string comparisons) is too limited a way to
 > go.
 > I would want to be able to do numeric comparisons, range comparisons,
 > etc.
 > e.g. x is a number, x<25, 24 < x < 33, etc.

The problem of querying hierarchically-ordered data has been around for 
a long time, and XQuery is a popular solution (at least when that data 
is XML).

Of course associative arrays are simpler than XML, so any XQuery-like 
solution crafted for LC could be even simpler to use.

But XQuery is quite powerful, probably a good model to consider for 
handling the variety of use-cases we'd want such a generalized query 
system to handle.

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