Video files not showing on my PC (LiveCode 5.5)

Francis Nugent Dixon effendi at
Sat Aug 26 08:19:19 EDT 2017

Hi from Beautiful Brittany,

LiveCode 5.5 (I know, I can't afford the updates - Am I the only one ?)
Sierra 10.12.3

On my Mac, I have successfully run Audio and Video functions
(Quicktime)  MP3 for Audio, MP4/Mov for Video, for some years.

Recently moving the app to PC (Windows 7, with Quicktime loaded),
all my Audio files work fine, and MOST of the videos work fine also.
But a few Video files play the audio but DO NOT SHOW the Video
(screen is blank).

I notice that the files which do not run correctly are quite big, sometimes
MP4, sometimes Mov (no obvious reasons). Otherwise - Mystery !!

My scripts have run a thousand times on Mac, but just the strange
glitches (with larger Video files MP4/Mov PERHAPS ?) on the PC.

I can send scripts if necessary.

Any ideas ? - Any 5.5 users still out there, somewhere ...... ?


Subsiduary question : I bought 5.5 Mac (years ago) and I am happy with it.
Am I authorised to load the 5.5 PC version with the same Password ? It
could help me to isolate this problem ………

Long Live LiveCode


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