webP and webM support in LiveCode

hh hh at hyperhh.de
Sat Aug 26 06:34:05 EDT 2017

For webP you could use (from LC via shell) these free WebP
utilities for Mac/Win/linux:

cwebp -- WebP encoder tool
dwebp -- WebP decoder tool
vwebp -- WebP file viewer
webpmux -- WebP muxing tool
gif2webp -- Tool for converting GIF images to WebP

See https://developers.google.com/speed/webp/download
(Al gave already this link).

There is also a framework for iOS.

In linux simply do "sudo apt-get install webp" to have them,
on windows use the download link from above.

On Mac 10.12 there are these 'core' utilities already installed
in /usr/local/bin (so usable via shell):

cwebp ... encodes from png, jpeg, tiff to webP
dwebp ... decodes from webP to png or tiff

put shell(/usr/local/bin/dwebp input.webp -o output.png)
put shell(/usr/local/bin/cwebp -q 80 input.png -o output.webp)
-- q is a quality option with values from 0 up to 100 (best).

Just tested via shell from LC. Works fine and fast enough.

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