webP and webM support in LiveCode

Monte Goulding monte at appisle.net
Thu Aug 24 17:59:23 EDT 2017

Hi Alejandro

webM would require a reasonable size refactor to players because we would need to wrap a custom player around the library and then decide which player to use depending on the movie file.

webP on the other hand looks like it could be added without any refactoring, however, as you can imagine there is a _lot_ of work in adding an image format. It could be that such work is justified by the HTML5 project to help with file size. Failing that and given there’s a workaround of not using the format I imagine it would take a business services contract or an open source contribution to get it done. Then there’s considerations like whether adding the library to the engine is comparable in size to any savings one might make using the format. Not an issue for a browser that displays many websites but for us it would make the project a net loss.



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