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Thu Aug 24 15:28:52 EDT 2017

J. Landman Gay wrote:

 > My main point was that intrusive answer dialogs aren't appropriate for
 > any OS now, and no mobile platform uses them. There are no native
 > substitutes.

I see. Thanks.  I was thinking of Answer as serving two purposes:

a) Immediate notification, often requiring confirmation or other decision

b) Picker for list of short-string options

Use case a) is probably best handled in toasts, but maybe only in some 
cases.  Sometimes a user really needs to know something, to the point 
that it's worth stopping the workflow to require confirmation.

Case b) is of course more appropriately handled with mobile pick lists, 
though it sort of begs the question why the native pick list isn't used 
for such cases.

I suppose there's no way for the engine to determine whether a given 
call to the answer command is case a) or b), so maybe the generic dialog 
isn't a completely useless thing...


...since the alternative for use b) is something that can't be used at 
all in the IDE or any desktop app at all, it requires us to write 
forking code to handle it.

Another tediously non-xTalk way of working....

 > The equivalent for Android is in the Android object library I made
 > which is now available for anyone who attended my LC Global session.

For those who didn't, what is it and where it is?

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