Sierra update --> Xcode install --> LC no provisioning profile

Ralph DiMola rdimola at
Thu Aug 24 13:06:37 EDT 2017

Here's the deal with Sierra and LC 8.1.6

Xcode 8.3.3==> SDK 10.3 Simulator 10.3
Xcode 7.1.2==> SDK 9.2 Simulator 9.2
Xcode 6.2==> SDK 8.2 Simulator 8.2
Xcode 5.1.1==> SDK 7.1 Simulator 7.1
Xcode 4.6.3==> SDK 6.1 Simulator 6.1

To load all these versions without problems:

1] Keep only one version of Xcode in the applications folder named
2] Create an OldXcodeVersions folder. 
3] When upgrading:
  A] Move from applications folder to the OldXcodeVersions folder
and rename it to
  B] Download the new Xcode from the developer portal. 
  C] Open up downloads and install Xcode into the applications folder..
  D] Open up the new
  E] In the LC prefs select...add a new Xcode.
  F] Add the Xcode that you just moved and renamed in A and B. This give you
access to older SDKs and simulators.
4] Never upgrade Xcode.*****
5] Never install from App Store . *****
6] Trash any versions of Xcode that were upgrades and re-download them fresh
from developers portal. 
7] Open the downloaded Xcode versions one at a time named in the
applications folder and then move to the OldXcodeVersions folder and rename.

Repeat 6-7 for each old version you want access to. While installing these
old versions temporarily move your current from the applications
to a temporary folder until done.

Ralph DiMola
IT Director
Evergreen Information Services
rdimola at

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