Native Mobile Radio Buttons - Focus on Entry Field on Mobile

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Thu Aug 24 10:50:19 EDT 2017

Mike wrote:
    for starters, get scott's tmControls2.  They just look better.

BR: duh of course!

    as for the focus, how are you trying to do it?  are you using "focus on"?
    "click at the loc of"?

BR: The focus comes into the search field when the custom control slides down… cursor is there and key board pops up by hard coding:

focus on fld "searchstring"
select after fld "searchstring"

User can enter text, and then click one of three options like

_Title    _Description _ Artists   

# I couldn't get %like% to work across three columns for a single string and this is better anyway

As long as the events went  like this

1) type in search string
2) choose radio button for what to search in
3) click the search button

it worked.

But if events went like this:

1) choose a radio button
2) click into field
 # now the keyboard no longer pops up…

OK so I went back and set the "autohilite" to true on a hunch… and OK! now it works on iOS and on Android, with a caveat on Android, which possibly is a bug?

1) choose a radio button: Artists

2) click into the field.. # now with autohilite set to true, the keyboard pops up
      -- enter "Meena"

3) but now, in the radio button group below, the hilitedbuttons are set to empty…"Artists" is de-selected!

4) user gets the message "Select Search In:"  and has to click again on  "Artists"

Does that seem right? Shouldn't the hilitedbutton remain "sticky" when the user switches focus to, taps into the field? It does on desktop and iOS. It's as if on Android, the radio button group is "hearing about" the mouse event outside as if it were another radio button and deselecting all buttons in it's group.

Should I report this?

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