Little OT: PHP script needed

Klaus major-k klaus at
Thu Aug 24 08:28:23 EDT 2017

Hi friends,

sorry for posting this to this list, but it is a bit of an emergency...
Anyone available for writing a little PHP script I can post things to?

Requirements for the script, it needs to:
1. Receive a PDF file and maybe a password I can post to the server additionally. 

2. save the PDF file under the name (ref_number).pdf in a directory of our choice

3. Return the string OK back to our app/my script, so I know the file is on the server.

4. send an email to the user with the URL to the just saved PDF file.
This may require a lookup: posted ref_number -> username and mail address from a database

Please write to me personally, will forward the mail to my client.

Thank you for your attention. 


Klaus Major
klaus at

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