Native Mobile Radio Buttons - Focus on Entry Field on Mobile

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Thu Aug 24 00:58:29 EDT 2017

OK I successfully built a little custom Control which is a searchform that dynamically changes out some options depending on the class of audio being viewed by the user..

Pretty straight forward, a search fields, some radio buttons for what to search in and then two other sets of radio buttons that only appear for music/songs with genre and theme, got the search working. Works great on desktop, very slick…

Deployed to mobile and while it works on iOS and My Nexus, the radio buttons look pretty awful, like some ancient Motif boxes when touched.

What options do we have to native mobile radio buttons?

Also when I click a radio button I cannot return focus back to the search field

UI has:

[_________________ ]  # fld [searchstring]   [search button here a SVG widget]

Search in: (a label)

__Title    __Subtitle  _Description   # 3 radio buttons

on mobile, when I click on one of these radio buttons, then I can no longer click back into the field to enter text.

missing something simple there. I can enter text and then click a radio button and the search works as on desktop.

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