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On 8/23/17 10:27 PM, Stephen MacLean via use-livecode wrote:
> Only about ~15% of Android devices are at anywhere near a recent patch level or current OS version.
> Android, locked down like iOS (store only apps, current OS version, no - cheap knock offs, stock only OS, etc, etc.) may be close to be being as safe, but you’ve just removed the majority of Android devices from the equation. Now look at market share, and it’s a totally different percentage. Remember, stock Android is only available on a Google “made" device. All others have a manufacturers version of Android, that may not even be the latest version of Android and/or with features that may open security holes.

Very true. Google knows about this and that's why it now puts Google 
Play Services on every device, which is the app that manages security 
among other things. That doesn't mean that manufacturers can't punch 
holes in the OS, but Google is now scanning and managing security for 
all devices that can access the Play Store. It updates in the background 
much as OS X does.

I suspect the list is getting tired of this discussion so I'll stop, but 
the main point I think Richard and I are trying to make is a response to 
Bob's original comment -- that Android is as safe or safer than iOS, so 
security concerns aren't a good reason to dismiss this very competent OS.

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