Thoughts on BLOBs in SQLite

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Aug 23 12:36:33 EDT 2017

Glen Bojsza wrote:

 > I was looking for feedback on whether it is better to store images as
 > BLOBs in an SQLite database for a LC app or store paths to the images
 > in the SQLite database and the images in a separate folder.

This is a religious issue in some circles, and there may be technical 
details beyond my grasp which merit such fervor.

But in my simple world I tend to store images and other BLOBs outside of 
the DB, leaving the DB itself for those things it does uniquely well: 
efficient storage of elements smaller than the block size of the host 
file system, and efficient indexing and retrieval of elements based on 
their content.

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