Paint tools and image creation

Mark Waddingham mark at
Wed Aug 23 06:35:14 EDT 2017

On 2017-08-23 12:04, Mark Waddingham via use-livecode wrote:
> I fear that these two parts of code are quite distinct, however, so it
> isn't a case of do one and get the other free... The image one is
> probably quite straight-forward (although, I could well be wrong); the
> group one (judging by the code I delved into y'day) not so
> straight-forward!

Indeed it turns out that an image tool property is quite 
straight-forward - well, up to the point of figuring out what the exact 
interactions with the global tool are (and how it should behave in an 
IDE context):

This is just an 'experiment' at the moment - but it shows some promise I 

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