attaching my group id to a control in a subgroup

Brian Milby brian at
Wed Aug 23 00:03:17 EDT 2017

> > It would need to be a group-level function, which isn't a problem.  I'm
> always hesitant, though, to rely on "me"  [and finding "me" in the
> dictionary is an adventure in itself . . .  {now *Bug 20289*
> <> - "me" is nearly
> impossible to find in dictionary }]

Search for "me\b" and it will magically appear at the top.  " \bme\b" and
it will be the only entry (leading space will be needed for DP9 due to the
fix to allow searching for '\' without typing '\\').  Reason is that field
in the dictionary is actually parsed as a regex (mostly... the code does
add some things around each term) .

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