Paint tools and image creation

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Tue Aug 22 19:02:11 EDT 2017

This is important in our world. not sure if I follow exactly what the issues are, but I can tell you what users need.

But first of all, the paint tools seem to be badly broken here in 8.1.6

if I draw an oval it , appears but selects the entire card rect as the enclosing rect/container instead of the actual oval itself. 
Attempting bring the area  "down" to edge of the Oval, only causes it to shrink

Test was going to be: make two separate oval objects on the card, group and test the paint bucket, I can't even do that today.

But here goes with our requirements:

if I have a coloring book and we have a mouse, an apple and a car. inside the frame/card/coloring area.

in terms of handling the whole UX from the back end, I most certainly would want to be able to treat these with commands that talk to a group.

hide grp "coloringImage "

or  (progressively reveals elements)

show img 3 of grp "coloringImage"

Then,  from the "front user end" when the little girl chooses a color and the bucket tool, and wants to dump the color "pink" into the mouse's body (closed path bit map b/w outline)  We need that to work, just like that. It fills the mouse only, and has no awareness of the containing group. In fact I can't even imagine a use case where you would want paint tools to address the whole canvas containing the group.

Disclaimer: I don't follow well, perhaps this is the way it works, but can't test today because appears broken in 8.1.6



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    I think that drawing on a grouped image should be standard.

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