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On 8/22/17 3:43 PM, Stephen Barncard via use-livecode wrote:
> the Android world creeps me out. And those phones always seem to break.

None of my phones are newer than 3 years old and they all work. I prefer 
Android because it's a real operating system with a file system where 
you can open files in any app that supports the format, has menus, a 
more intelligent AI, full customization of launch screen behavior and 
appearance, widgets (can't live without them), fine-grained control over 
the permissions per app, and lots more that make it a mini computer 
rather than a stripped down interface that only works the way Apple says 
it must.

Suppose Apple demanded that your Mac's desktop was unchangeable, 
wouldn't support your document icons, had no shortcuts/aliases and only 
allowed apps to be displayed in rows? What if you couldn't ever turn off 
how much data an app has access to? IOS users accept these things 
because they don't know it can be different.

Apple has copied much of Android, and I understand they are about to 
introduce a file system. All the "improvements" I read about in the 
latest OS are things Android has had for years.

I think if you ever learned Android you'd have trouble going back to the 
simple, non-customizable iOS.

Start the OS wars!

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