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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Aug 22 17:37:57 EDT 2017

Stephen Barncard wrote:

 > the Android world creeps me out.

My wife (definitely not a techie) says the same thing on the rare day 
when she has to use my iPad.

There's no disputing taste.

I prefer the ease of deploying my test builds to Android, and the 
customizability, and having three different hardware buttons for 
different common tasks rather than one that gets used for everything.

But I also like many things about iOS.

I think I just like software.  Heck, I even like Gnome Shell. :)

 > And those phones always seem to break.

In general, there's a relationship between build quality and price. 
Apple and Samsung keep running neck and neck in customer satisfaction 
because they both sell high-end phones.

At least in the Android world we can also choose less impressive 
hardware if we like.

I've never dropped any of my phones, so none of them have ever broken, 
regardless of brand or price.

My neighbor is on his third iPhone because he dropped his first two.

It'll be nice when Google Glass takes over so we don't have to fear 
dropping our glass fondleslabs. :)

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