lock screen gotcha revisited

hh hh at hyperhh.de
Tue Aug 22 11:31:03 EDT 2017

Say I have 24 copies of the LC clock widget in order to display different time zones.
How can I have them in "seconds-sync"?

In LC Script, with LCS-clocks I would do a screenLock, update the clocks and then unlock.
In LC Builder I even tried to make a composed widget, without improvement.
Seems one has to make a grid of clocks in LCB, as one widget (with one single OnPaint)?

Mark W. wrote:
> Hermann H. wrote:
> > The real interesting thing is now for me how to lock the screen
> > in LC Builder? I couldn't find a way to do that. Who knows?
> There isn't one - although you can use 'execute script' to use LCS's 
> lock/unlock screen.
> Indeed, I should check whether LCB does currently use an implicit lock 
> screen - it probably should as LCB handlers, when called from LCS, are 
> meant to be 'atomic' in some sense.
> > This interacts with LC Script, timed widgets (clocks, animations)
> > want their own screen updates ...
> Screen updates of widgets only happen upon request from the widget - by 
> using the 'redraw all' and 'redraw rect' commands. Any updates all fold 
> into the update mechanism LCS uses and occur at a suitable point after 
> returning from LCB to LCS - this is the same as calling any engine 
> command / function.
> Can you elaborate on your use-case here, just so I can check there isn't 
> something we are missing? :)

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