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Mark Waddingham mark at
Tue Aug 22 10:43:27 EDT 2017

Hi all,

We had an issue come into support about using the paint tools on a 
grouped image - this has come up before (years ago, at least).

Basically, only the browser, pointer and help tools will recurse into 
groups - the paint tools will not. This means that if you use the paint 
tools over an image in a group, the grouped image will not get edited. 
Instead, if there is not a top-level image one will be created and that 
will be edited.

The question is - is this behavior something which should:

   1) Be considered a bug

   2) Be considered correct behavior

   3) Be considered an anomaly - i.e. something which is probably a bug, 
but too many people rely on to change without some sort of compatibility 

I realize this is an edge case; however, I thought it worth asking to 
see if anyone here relies on the fact that images in groups do not get 
affected by paint tools; or whether it would be far better than if did!

Basically I'm trying to decide if it should be 'fixed' (assuming the 
current behavior is considered erroneous!), and if so whether it would 
be suitable for a maintenance release (it is, strictly speaking, a 
change in behavior), or only for a development release.

The bug report is here:

Any feedback gratefully received.

Warmest Regards,


Mark Waddingham ~ mark at ~
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