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Have you ever met/heard-of a 'Flat-Earth' pilot? Or geologist? Or
astrophysicist? Or plain physicist? Me neither.

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> On 8/21/17 2:53 PM, Jonathan Lynch via use-livecode wrote:
>> I just watched the eclipse where I live, while debating flat earth
>> believers online. Some irony there, I suppose.
> I watched it too, dropped everything to do it. Amazing. We didn't get
> totality here but it was about 80%.
> I read recently that the flat-earther movement is growing. That's amazing
> too. Some people will believe anything.
> It reminded me of the time another programmer told me LiveCode was a toy.
>> Years later when asked by management to duplicate the functions of an app I
>> created so that those functionalities could be incorporated into that
>> team's main app, that same programmer concluded it would be impractical
>> because my app did way more than they realized.
> They said the same thing about HyperCard back in the day, and HC wasn't
> nearly as advanced as LC is now. Some people will believe anything...
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