Completely OT - flat earth

Francis Nugent Dixon effendi at
Tue Aug 22 08:03:56 EDT 2017

11 August 1999 - We went out on our (Honda) bikes to find THE SPOT.
It was somewhere North-East of Paris. The birds were so petrified, they
stopped singing - A once in a lifetime experience (next one here is far
enough away from today to not interest me, as I most definitely WILL
NOT be there !!!)
And for the second experience of a lifetime - LIVECODE ! All the way from
the eighties, through Hypercard, etc, and now my daily bread. Screw the 
other languages (Google Go, iOS Swift, Hack, Rust, Julia, Scala, Dart). I
have what I need, and I'm too old to spend a year (or even more) on 
investigating new languages, when LiveCode does what I want (and 
more !)

I have my flat earth, and I will use Livecode to my last day ......


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