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Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Mon Aug 21 14:35:45 EDT 2017

Back at it here with attempst to make "generic" behaviors as text only stacks that can serve as slaves "all over the place" 

So this is all about the calling context/target.

I wonder If I am working too hard here, may be useful to have the calling context ready for a dispatch, to parse the long owner?

So this  little array that could be stored as a local and then used later in the script to "do something different" based on the calling context.

local sOwnerHierarchy
on mouseup
   put the short name of the target into pTarget
   put the long owner of the target into sOwnerHierarchy
   split sOwnerHierarchy with " of "

------ ##  test ## --------
   put the number of lines of the keys of tOwner into tLevels
   repeat with x = 1 to tLevels
      put tOwner[x] & cr after tHierarchy
   end repeat
   put tHierarchy
------ ## end test ## -------- 

   switch pTarget
      case "search"
         if fld "searchString" is empty then
            answer "Please enter a search string" with "OK"
            exit to top
            runsearch pClass, pContent 
         end if
   end switch
end mouseup

command runSearch pClass, pContent

# do different things based on calling context. 


    I'm not sure I follow the underlying reasoning here - why not just use 
    'the long id of the target'?*
    The message path means that the message will hit the group/card/stack if 
    not handled in the control (which it won't be, from what you are 

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