acceleratedRendering scope

Mark Waddingham mark at
Mon Aug 21 13:19:47 EDT 2017

On 2017-08-21 19:13, Jonathan Lynch via use-livecode wrote:
> It is on iOS. Turning it on and off as needed has worked perfectly, so
> it is no problem. Thanks for explaining!

Okay - so obviously it hasn't 'got any better' since iOS4 which was when 
we added acceleratedRendering mode... This is slightly irksome! I do 
wonder if there must be a better way of doing what we need to do these 
days on iOS though - after all iOS has things like SpriteKit which 
(IIRC) work in a UIView, and I'd be surprised if they accepted there 
being issues if SpriteKit views were mixed in with normal UIKit views.

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