AW: htaccess rewrite rule to https let my apps stop working

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Mon Aug 21 10:00:30 EDT 2017

I used the rewrite conditions to https from Matthias in the root of my
domain and build a new LC 8.1.5 standalone including the revsecurity.dll.
like Tom pointed out, but I still get an error.
The return value of my php is surprisingly some garbage html code instead of
my php return value and "the result" of my put URL statement is: " tsneterr:
HTTP response code 401 returned from server".
The only "special" thing I can see on my domain is, that I have another
htaccess in the directory of my PHPs, with a password protection for this
sub-dir, which works since years fine without this rewrite condition. The
"401" error (authentication failed) points to this password protection in
the sub-htaccess.
But I don't see the relation of the rewrite condition in the root htaccess
to this password authentication in the php directory. There is the end of my
server knowledge.
Can anybody shed some light on this?

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Had a similar experience while migrating my site to https. What I found was
my standalones were missing the revsecurity.dll external. After rebuilding
those to include revsecurity.dll, the standalones were able to contact my
site and access stacks and other files there without changing my links from
http to https, since the htaccess was managing that.

Notes: On Windows, that must be at the same level as the standalone exe
itself rather than the externals folder. And codesign your externals as well
as standalones.

Tom B.


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