keys on keyboard return different characters

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Pressing the key harder makes a difference? How could that not be a hardware thing? 

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> On Aug 21, 2017, at 7:39 AM, Tiemo Hollmann TB via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> Hi, have you ever experienced the following phenomenon?
> A customer of me tells me that pressing a Umlaut key (äüö) on a German
> keyboard sometimes shows the correct Umlaut in my LiveCode program, but
> sometimes only hieroglyphs. Sometimes the correct char shows up after having
> hit multiple times / or harder the same key. I am using the old standard
> font Tahoma on stack level, inherited to all fields, which obviously is
> installed on the machine, otherwise the correct chars never would appear.
> Since this phenomenon only happens in my LiveCode (8.1.4) program, not in
> Word or any other program, it must be related to LiveCode. But how and what?
> Keyboard driver or foreign system font or language would affect all programs
> on this machine.
> Ever experienced anything similar?
> Tiemo
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