Is tsnet always better?

Mark Waddingham mark at
Mon Aug 21 06:38:32 EDT 2017

On 2017-08-21 02:25, Jonathan Lynch via use-livecode wrote:
> LC gives us multiple ways to connect to online databases. Is TSnet
> always the best performing method?

Generally if you are accessing databases over the internet then fronting 
them with an HTTP-based gateway is by far the 'best' option - especially 
when considered from a security standpoint (that's not saying it 
completely replaces direct socket access - the latter just requires more 
IT infrastructure to ensure it is secure; which makes it less generally 
useful, and probably best to avoid entirely in a mobile/unlocked down 
over-internet access setting).

So, I'd say tsNet is definitely the best way to access HTTP APIs - it is 
more efficient and has async (request with callback) for all HTTP method 
types (well, it will in 1.3.1 - there's a couple of HTTP methods missing 
in previous versions).

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