Daybed 2.0 - A Library for Apache CouchDB

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Fri Aug 18 19:36:53 EDT 2017

Apache has released CouchDB 2.1 and Daybed is still compatible.

The library is available at:

This has been a big week for me...
I had my talk about CouchDB for Livecode Global (that was fun)

I was interviewd for the CouchDB blog where I did my best to plug Livecode:

I've created a coupon code for my CouchDB Udemy course for anyone

As of now the Daybed library includes:

1. The main functions for GET, PUT, POST and DELETE to CouchDB
2. "Quick functions" which save the basic info (URL, authentication, db
name) and let you quickly access docs
3. Sync functions which save documents to a database created for the user
and saves locally as a "save stack"

To-Do list:
-continue updating/adding to the quick functions
-add option to save to a per app database instead of per user (this will
help make sync compatible with Cloudant)
-toying with other save options besides the stack (open to suggestions)

Greg (pink) Miller
mad, pink and dangerous to code
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