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Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Fri Aug 18 15:22:42 EDT 2017

Mike Kerner wrote:

 >> Mike Kerner wrote:
 >> > We have another abuser on the forums
 >> > Admins!  Attack!
 >> The moderators that read this list regularly (Klaus and myself - are
 >> there others here?) tend to read the forums with the same frequency.
 >> So we'll see it there about as quickly as we see a note here.  But
 >> our ability to handle it efficiently is limited, so unless we have a
 >> pile of free time on our hands we'll likely just send a note to the
 >> admins.
 >> The best way to reach forum admins is to send a support request to
 >> on-rev.  If urgent, not that in the subject line.
 >> --
 >>  Richard Gaskin
 >>  Fourth World Systems
 > Why not put a tag, note, etc. somewhere on the forums site, or in
 > message footers to that effect so 15 weeks from now I don't have
 > to try to remember that?

Good idea.  And now you have the address to submit it. :)

There is one downside to posting it there:  the same bots triggering the 
need for it can also pick it up.  If that email account gets overwhelmed 
with spam we have another problem on our hands.

In the meantime, most folks just use the "Report Post" icon in the 
upper-right of a post; flagging one is usually sufficient to get a 
moderator's attention if we haven't seen it already.

Relatively speaking (given the number of bots slamming forums around the 
world all day) the amount of *visible* spam on the LC forums is 
relatively low, certainly lower than the amount of spam that happens. 
Klaus hits most nearly as fast as they come in (Klaus, do you sleep?), 
and I or others tend to kill them as soon as we see them; I tend to 
check the forums a few times most days.  Most of the time we kill 'em 
before they get reported, sometimes probably before others even see them.

  Richard Gaskin
  Fourth World Systems

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