Applescript Fails in Standalone on Mac Built with 8.1.6

Mark Waddingham mark at
Fri Aug 18 13:01:20 EDT 2017

On 2017-08-18 18:14, Brian Milby via use-livecode wrote:
> I'm so new I can't address the history but seeing where the fix was
> implemented it should not fall out unless the build process is
> significantly changed.    It is in the same place all of the language
> localization files are specified.

I can help fill in the history - yes we've broken it always accidentally 
on numerous occasions; and then fixed it, and the broken it again, or 
didn't really fix it properly or something (I can't make an excuse, or 
give a good reason here - other than it just seems to happen 

The issue here is that we don't have a test for whether it is working in 
each built release - so that is the way to make sure it never happens 

@Brian: Would you be willing to write a test for this? It is going to be 
a little tricky as it requires IPC (unless you can use send apple event, 
to send one to the calling process), but there's an example of us doing 
that already in the private data clipboardData test:

on TestClipboardPrivateKey
    set the clipboardData["private"] to "Hello World!"

    TestAssert "private key is present before external change", \
       "private" is among the keys of the clipboardData

    local tHelperFilename
    set the itemDelimiter to slash
    put format("%s/_clipboard_private_setter.livecodescript", \
          _TestPath()) into tHelperFilename
    if the environment is "command line" then
       TestRunStack "-ui", tHelperFilename
       TestRunStack "", tHelperFilename
    end if

    TestAssert "helper changed clipboard externally", the result is 0

    if the platform is "Linux" then
       TestAssertBroken "private key not present after external change", 
          "private" is not among the keys of the clipboardData, \
          "Bug 19117"
       TestAssert "private key not present after external change", \
          "private" is not among the keys of the clipboardData
    end if
end TestClipboardPrivateKey

This basically uses a sub-process to do something to the clipboard so 
that the test process can check whether the private key disappears in 
this case.

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