Developing first on android

Brian Milby brian at
Fri Aug 18 12:05:24 EDT 2017

What about a non-binary stack file format?  Something XML based and derived
from the actual in-memory stack object (would need to be integrated with
the IDE/engine to be really useful though - to allow seamless/native

> Mike Kerner wrote:
> > I've been thinking of developing a deconstructor to use with Levure.
> >  The idea is that you would lay out the objects, but then the
> > deconstructor would pull all the properties of each object, put them
> > in a YML, JSON, or other similar file, and then they would be built in
> > the app by  script, when needed.
> That would be handy.  I've considered making one, but the cost/benefit
> relative to other commitments here has prevented me from diving in. I
> appreciate your interest in this, and know you'll do a fine job with it.
> While it's understandable that Git can't handle LC's binary files, one of
> the strongest benefits of "The xTalk Way" is visual design.
> This is why so many of us have written libraries to automatically
> instantiate mobile-specific controls for us from LC-native objects, because
> it lets us enjoy the fluid development workflow that characterizes xTalks,
> rather than defining objects by typing long blocks of object definitions in
> scripts, which is a very C way of doing things.
> Automating use of Git through binary->script decomposers allows developers
> the full benefit of the best of both xTalk and lower-level workflows.

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