htaccess rewrite rule to https let my apps stop working

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Fri Aug 18 07:58:01 EDT 2017


I attached a certificate to our domain and started switching our domain /
web from http to https, because of the security alerts of some browsers
saying that our site isn't safe. So far so good. Our web hoster recommended
to put a rewrite rule into the htaccess to redirect all http calls on https.
So far so good. That works fine with all URLs in a browser.

BUT all of my LiveCode programs with http:// calls for php programs on my
server don't work anymore. I get different errors.

I am not good with what is happening behind the scenes of htaccess rewrite
rules and have no idea if and what I could do, beside of changing all http
calls in my LC programs to https. My thinking was, that the rewrite rule
would just switch each http call to https on the server, but keeps finding
all html and php files. That works obviously fine with all URLs in a
browser. But why doesn't my LC program likes that rewriting? The PHP
programs should be found the same with https and should return the wanted
value as with http - or not? How is LiveCode affected by this rewrite?

I can't just change all URLs in all my LC programs from http to https,
because my customers have lots of old version of my programs out there,
which are not anymore maintained, which were created with any very old LC
version I don't know anymore, etc.

Any light on what is going wrong to my LC URL calls and if there is anything
I can do is highly appreciated.




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