Using Touch ID with Keychain and LocalAuthentication

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Thu Aug 17 16:24:03 EDT 2017

Hi Todd

Reading and writing to the keychain is not very complicated but you will need an external or if you are using the latest versions of LC 9 then it can be done with the objective-c FFI from infinite LiveCode. Probably best to contact Business Services if you are in a hurry.



> On 17 Aug 2017, at 11:35 pm, Todd Fabacher via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> Hello Mark or Monte or any knowledgeable soul,
> We are working with the United Nations to create their first LMS mobile
> App. The problem is they are security freaks. It took their hackers about 4
> hours to send me screen shots of the encryption key I scripted in LiveCode
> and compiled for iOS. Normally we don't put code like this in our apps, but
> they are insisting to use the LocalAuthentication with the TouchID to
> unlock the App.
> LocalAuthentication, does not actually store any values, it just validates
> that the fingerprint matches. The MergeExt mergLA
> does the trick - well done.
> The problem is how do I store a unique key to retrieve the UN/PW on the
> server or even just store the values on the local device? I can use
> encryption, they can read the key from code and have said it is NOT an
> option. So, my good friends at the UN have suggested that I use the iOS
> Keychain functionality.
> They have provided a sample of what Apple is doing and suggest that
> LiveCode be able to do the same. Is there any way to utilize the Keychain
> functionality on the device?
> WDC session video and presentation: You will need Safri to watch the video:
> Here is their Code:
> So my goal is to store a token or UN/PW in the iOS Keychain to pull it out
> using LocalAuthentication. I think many of LC app developers must be facing
> the same problem.
> --Todd
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