sms,MMS, and Push Notificstions

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Tue Aug 15 22:29:19 EDT 2017

Thanks for all the info, Mike. I will most likely have more questions.
Bill Prothero

William A. Prothero

> On Aug 15, 2017, at 10:57 AM, Mike Kerner via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> I got a message that one of my other messages was moderated for being too
> large.  I can't see if it got delivered, or not, so in response to Bill's
> question about the repo:
> If you mean having the mobile do it, I hadn't thought about that.  It might
> be possible with tsnet.  He is not simulating anything.  The shell command
> is what is used to send the alerts.  No, you don't need to use a
> third-party service, if you use this code.  Instead, you have the code
> running on a machine that you control.  I have never figured out to make
> the code work properly from a PC (I have never figured out how to get the
> session to end and therefore for APNS to send the message, but it does work
> from a Mac.
> I do exactly what you are proposing - I have the stack attached to a DB
> that has various device push id's.  I load them up and fire off my messages
> from there.
> The repo that I built has the original stack, as well as the code broken
> out so it can be used as a library and therefore be submoduled, etc. with
> git.
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