Couple of questions about the browser widget

Terry Judd terry.judd at
Tue Aug 15 19:55:33 EDT 2017

I’m thinking about replacing a field object that contains text, inline images and simple tables with the browser widget but there are a couple of issues I’d need to work through first and would welcome any suggestions or ideas.

The first one concerns displaying local images – either stored (permanently or temporarily) within the stack itself or in the local documents/whatever folder. I’d like to set the htmlText of the browser rather than a url. If that’s the case, how do I refer to the image in order for it to be displayed?

The second one is whether it is possible to get the ‘formattedHeight’ of the browser content. I’d ideally like to combine the browser with a couple of other grouped controls so that I can scroll them as a single object. Is that doable?



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