sms,MMS, and Push Notificstions

Mike Kerner MikeKerner at
Tue Aug 15 13:54:19 EDT 2017

You have to have the app phone home with its id.  The id is determined by
the device, and is a product of the device and the app running on it that
is to receive notifications.  You can phone home via a filesharing service,
an online db, contacting a webserver, etc.  For distinguishing between the
platforms, you can embed "the environment" in your phone home message.  The
other thing you can do (which I do) is to store the id before sending it.  Then
with each launch of the app or after some other event, you check the old id
and the new one, and if it changes, phone home, again, with the old id
(presuming you don't have some other identifier tied to the app on each
device.  If you do, you can send that, instead) and the new id.  On the
desktop/server/whatever side, you update, accordingly.

Your app can also check to see if it is receiving notifications, or if
notifications are enabled, and act accordingly, including checking to see
if it has received all the notifications, and if it needs to pull any other
data, since there is no guarantee on either platform that a notification
will be delivered.

As of right now, silent notifications are not supported in LC so we have to
make do with what we have.

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