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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Aug 15 10:25:10 EDT 2017

Mark Waddingham wrote:

 > I have asked Heather about this, but unfortunately our forum software
 > has no admin level between the current ones we give to external
 > moderators and complete administrative access. The latter is not
 > something we can grant to external moderators as it gives you access
 > to too much data and we'd start to fall foul of Data Protection laws
 > in the UK.

I appreciate your looking into this.

 > Also, apparantly it is really really easy to make an unrecoverable
 > mistake with such an access level...

Moderators already have the means of performing a wide range of tasks 
that make it easy to make unrecoverable errors.  We're pretty careful.

 > Anyway, this has been on Heather's mind - hopefully she will come up
 > with an alternate solution in due course.

If you find an internal resource to periodically monitor the forums you 
should be set.

Two other items on the wish list:

- Keep the PHPBB version up to date
- Add SSL

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